9th Aerial Extreme

9th Extreme Aerial Meeting at Rodellar Caves  
6th -13th of Aug 2018

Some of you are already aware of the spectacular surroundings and wilderness of Rodellar plus the amazing facilities for professional and recreational climbing - Please see location and photos

This year's event hosts a few guest teachers and Spinal Chord workshops on Fri 10th and Sat 11th of Aug 2018.

Spinal Chord Workshops Content

Friday 10th - 3hrs - Beginners/intermediate - Corde & Silks
* Climbs - Intermediate Stretches - Roll downs & Tumbles

Saturday 11th - 3hrs - Beginners/intermediate - Corde & Silks
* Climbs - Advaced Stretches - Roll ups & Advanced Tumbles

Please visit the Facebook Event Page for other information and full schedule.
We will most likely set up a photoshoot on the Sun 12th.

Transport, Food & Accommodation Resources
The training spots are in the actual mountain, away from accommodation and food, so we recommend people bring food up the mountain because there won't be anything available once you're up there, so it will maximize the time you can enjoy nature and training.
You have the possibility of staying in a cabin but you need to organize that on your own.

The National Park - Link to official site also available from map info
Camping Mascum
- Cabins must be reserved with good time prior to arrival +34 974 318 367
+34 639 44 7727
Valle de Rodellar Apartaments +34 974 318 637+34 625 593 675
Restaurante Florentino +34 974 318 361
Bus Service - Please note - The bus does not go to Rodellar. Taxi from Barbastro (closest place for a taxi) is around €60 to €75
There will be a private shuttle service from Barbastro to Rodellar and return for a cost of €20 - Please let us know if you want to use this.

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9th Aerial Extreme - Rode