ABC - Aerial Boot Camp

ABC - Crete - Chania Sept 27th to the 30th 2019

The Aerial Boot Camp is a long weekend intensive training holiday.
We do about 6hr a day (with breaks and including non-aerial workshops)
It's an ideal event to socialise and to move up to the next aerial level.
You will have classes with the local instructors as well as Spinal Chord instructors.
We try to get instructors for disciplines we don't do regularly at Spinal Chord.

For this occacion we're looking to collaborate with Om3ga Aerial Arts and hopefully produce an informal performance from both sides while in Crete. We will aslo aim to produce a video... details to follow on event page.

The prices include workshops and accommodation - Keep in mind that most of the cost is accommodation (Usually £25 to £35pp per night)
You can sort your own accommodation and calculate the price of workshops per day (We try to keep it at £50 per day).

We will suggest optional group activities, extra workshops outwith ABC, and if possible performances to go watch.

For More info, chat and picts get to the Event Page here

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