L2 & L3

The booking will be available once we can have more certainty with the weather.
90min sessions
Session limited to 6 people.

Old bookings
For people who had already booked the new block before we stopped, the best for us is to give you a voucher for when we start the classes back indoor, since this sessions are on a pay as you go basis.
We had two weeks left of the block before we stopped at the beginning of March.
We’re asking people for their understanding by donating those two or so sessions to Spinal Chord. If the only way for you to comeback to class is claiming those two or so classes, we’ll be happy to honour those bookings.

Health & Safety
The class takes place outdoor on a heavy duty rig.
The rig is provided with aerial equipment and crash mats but nothing else, there is no toilets or water access.
Mats for warming up will be cleaned between sessions and people can be spotted for practicing moves. We won’t spot people by request only if we consider they’re safe executing moves on their own.
No face masks are allowed while on the equipment since what we do is of high physical demand, but you're welcome to wear masks while on the ground.
Best practice for sunny days is to cover your skin with a light, fresh fabric - No sun creams please! they will make it very hard to work for you and for others as the equipment will be very slidy.
Bring a pair of easy on sleepers to walk around the equipment.
Chalk will be provided but we recommend you bring your own. Liquid chalk is ok but please don’t use liquid resin as this destroys your hands and the equipment.
We need to make clear that neither the government nor Spinal Chord are in charge of your health & wellbeing, YOU ARE! We're providing all you need to keep distance and prevent contaging but by booking these sessions you're assuming full responsibility of your decisions regarding your health.

Sessions still at Firhill Sports Complex
87 Hopehill Road - G20 7HH View map

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