Level 2

L2 concentrates on working effectively and safely. You will need to construct phrases linking different moves on the equipment.

Next block starts on March 18th - 2020

PLEASE NOTE: There will be no classes on May weekend (May 22nd - 26th)

Special attention should be given to performing elements like lines and stamina, and of course the quality of execution.

L2 brings a higher degree of difficulty with potential for injury/accidents, attendants need to follow instructions on the methods to achive these complex moves. There is no time limit but the level of skill will include developing a degree of co-ordination and flexibility and also attention to detail on the technique. Most people will take from three to four blocks to move up to L3.

L2 takes place on Sat 10am

Please remember to use your calendar to cancel classes you won't be able to attend, you need at least 3 days notice to cancel or re-schedule classes. We'll be very strict with class attendance.

Keep-Up pkg: 10 Aerial L2 and 10 Conditioning classes 
Fitness: 10 Aerial L2, 10 Conditioning, 10 Bodyshop 
Performance: 10 Aerial L2, 10 Conditioning, 10 Performance and 10 Bodyshop - Priority booking, Pay by weekly debit option. Workshop discounts

Performance (PER) Please let us know what equipment you want work on, choose music and costume. The instructor will help you and guide you with tips on how to create your solo or duet. We recommend people to work in pairs so you can share ideas and provide feedback to each other.

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