Valentine's Doubles

Special Valentine's celebration, aerial doubles, two people supporting each other in the air. Many laughs to be had :)

No experience required, just being up for some good fun with a friend is enough.

Spinal Chord is having a special Valentine's day workshop. Have fun with a friend learning moves for two people. Whether is a romantic friend or just a good friend, opposite or the same sex, our aerial Valentine's celebration is for everyone.

The workshop consists of a warm up section followed by basic doubles static trapeze and doubles silks. There will be a cool down section and photo opportunity.

Book for one person only, or get a discount by booking your doubles buddy as well. You are welcome to come on your own if you don't have a partner.

Workshop takes place at The Firhill Complex - 87 Hopehill Road - G20 7HH View map
Sat. 15th of Feb. - 2pm to 4pm 

26 places left.

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