13th Aerial Extreme

13th Aerial Extreme in Rodellar + Workshops & Masterclass  
July 25th - Aug 1st 2022

Masterclass L1 - Gabriel Tramullas Gentet - Huesca July 25th - 29th
Spinal Chord - Rodolfo Rivas Franco - Huesca  July 26th - 30th

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Rodellar Trip

2 nights - 29th & 30th of July
Price includes 2 nights accommodation at Camping Mascun, Insurance, Photoshoots.
Precio incluye 2 noches de estadía en Camping Mascun, seguro y photoshoot.

You need to sort out your accommodation at Huesca - Keep in mind your return date to Huesca and flights back - Allow at least for 5hrs to get back to Barcelona Airport or 2.5hrs to Zaragoza Airport, both from Huesca Station.

Masterclass & Workshops will be held at Capicua Circus School
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Spinal Chord workshops with Rodolfo Rivas Franco

Basic Rope & Silks Dynamics - July 27th to 29th

Cubre postura y estructura de los movimientos claves para las técnicas dinámicas, la idea es alcanzar un nivel intermedio (L1)
It covers posture and structure of the key movements to progress into dynamics and get to an intermediate level (L1)

Se recomienda un mínimo de 4 meses de cuerda o tela estática y buen estado físico
We recommend at least 4 month of rope or silks lessons and good stamina

El taller cubre/Material covered
* 9hrs de movimientos y técnicas - 9hrs of moves & technique
* Subidas, postura y progresiones - Climbs, posture and progressions
* Balanceos condicionamiento y progresiones - Beats conditioning & progressions
* Balance frontal y de espalda, técnica estática y dinámica - Static & dynamic techniques for front & back balance
* Inversiones, técnica y progresión hasta brazos y piernas estirados - Inversions, technique & progressions to straight arms & legs
* Inversiones dinámicas - Dynamic inversions
* Escorpiones, postura & dinámicos - Scorpions, posture & dynamics
* Meathook, postura & dinámicos - Posture & dynamics
* Desenrolladas - Rolls down
* Combos mezclando poses estáticas y movimientos dinámicos - Phrases to mix static & dynamic material

Intermediate Rope & Silks Dynamics - July 25th to 29th

Cubre transiciones y conexiones dinámicas, dinámicos soltando la cuerda, balanceos complejos, desenrrolladas y enrolladas.
Covers Dynamic transitions & connections, dynamics leaving the rope, complex beats, rolls down and up.

Se recomienda un mínimo de un año de cuerda o tela estática, conocimientos básicos de dinámicos y buen estado físico
We recommend at least a year of rope or silks lessons, knowledge of basic dynamics and good stamina

El taller cubre/Material covered
* 12hrs de movimientos y técnicas - 12hrs of moves & technique
* Subidas complejas - Complex climbs
* Combinaciónes y conexiones de balanceos - Beat combos and connections
* Entradas dinámicas a banderas y escorpiones - Dynamic entries to flags & scorpions
* Técnicas de atajos dinámicos a inversiones y conecciones a caídas/saltos/desenrolladas/enrolladas - Short hand dynamic techniques to inversions and connections to drops/tumbles/rolls down & up
* Meathook transiciones y dinámicos - transitions & dynamics
* Desenrolladas y enrolladas - Rolls up & down
* Combos dinámicos - Dynamic phrases

Troubleshooting: Private/Particulares 1-2-1/1 a 1

Las sesiones uno a uno también pueden combinarse con talleres y el viaje a Rodellar para obtener descuento. Los movimientos serán elegidos por el participante y el instructor dará un desarrollo de ejercicios para facilitar el movimiento deseado.
The one to one private sessions can also be combine with a workshops package o Rodellar trip to get discounts. The material would be chosen by the participant. The instructor will provide a break down of necessary steps to achieve your desired move.

Aunque los participantes a los talleres pueden pedir ayuda con movimintos especificos, hay que tener en mente que la ayuda para material no programado en los talleres no va a ser a profundidad, y en ese caso seria mejor reservar una sesion de 1 a 1 para pulir los movimientos deseados.
Although workshop participants can also request help with particular moves, keep in mind that the help for out of program moves during the workshops won't be as on depth, so you're best to book a 1-2-1 session if there are things you want to bag in.

Packages & Discounts

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6hr Workshops + Rodellar £205 (£45 discount)
9hr Workshops + Rodellar £225 (£90 discount)
12hr workshops+ Rodellar £250 (£100 discount)
12hr workshops + Rodellar + accommodation £365 (£130 discount)


For more information. schedules and other bookings visit:
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Some of you are already aware of the spectacular surroundings and wilderness of Rodellar plus the amazing facilities for professional and recreational climbing - Please see location and photos

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