Is it safe?

The learning is done at low heights and with the use of crash and safety mats. You will also be spotted for moves where you may feel scared or not sure if you can do them. Equally you can asked not to be spotted if you want more of a challenge or feel uncomfortable with physical contact.

The children and beginners classes provide one on one supervision with gradual progression,

so people get stronger and more flexible as they advance.


Do I need to be fit or flexible?

No, you don't need a lot of fitness, muscle tone or flexibility to begin with.

You will get strong and flexible as you gradually learn new things and move up through the levels of difficulty.


I'm over 75kg, can I still do it?

Our guidance is 75kg based on the avarage height. The important part is that you can hold yourself on the equipment. We don't want people to feel frustrated cause they can't do anything for not being able to get on the equipment.


Do you I need to have insurance in case something was to happen?

No, you don’t.

We have a very strong Public Liability Insurance which will cover our participants incase something was ever to happen.


How does the lesson develops?

We would send you an email with some recommendations, directions and what to wear.
The lesson starts with a warm up, the new participants get to go on the trapeze first, then the rope and a couple of things on the silks. Every week you will learn 3 or 4 new moves.

Can I take more than one lesson a week?

Yes, you can.

We recommend you do only one class a week for the first 3 weeks if you’re a beginner as your muscles need an easy progression.

You will of course progress much faster taking 2 lessons a week.


Is it normal to be sore after the first lesson?

Yes. You will be very surprised of the things you can achieve in the first lesson,

but as this way of using your body is very unique, you will use muscles that are rarely active to that degree and therefore you will feel it for a couple of days.

We called it “good sore”, AKA - “getting in Shape”


When do I move to the next level? 

We recommend 10 lessons of 1hr.

In this 10 week block we teach the very basics of Trapeze, Silks, Rope and in the Fast Track course also Hoop.

You learn at your own pace, therefore some people may require more time to feel confident before they move up to Level 1. Some people take two full blocks, and some are ready after the first one, we leave it up to you to move up when you feel comfortable to do so.


Am I too old to try it?

Age is not a restriction but a basic physical ability is required.

People will be coached on a one to one basis in the first classes and will get the help needed.

Your own body will let you know how difficult this will be for you.


Do I get to perform when I learn some skills?

Yes. We provide opportunities for people to perform at an amateur level.

We also provide opportunities for people in the amateur company to join the professional company when they have good skills and experience. 


What should I wear?

It is best to wear comfy, layered clothing that is reasonably snug and bring socks.

Don't wear skirts or shorts on their own, you want to get your legs covered.

It will also be easier if you don’t wear any body lotions and creams, including sun cream, it makes it very difficult to work on the equipment, avoid the use of them before the class.


Would this be a bad idea if I have back problems?

This should be treated as a case by case scenario and we advise to first consult with your physiotherapist or doctor.

Generally speaking aerial helps with back problems and we have in fact had people referred to our activities to help with back pain, discomfort or to strength back muscles. 


Can I get a refund if I don't enjoy the class?

We have a refunds policy you can look at - You would have agreed to the Terms of Use by registering to the website.
Refunds are done in exceptional circumstances. As we're a charity it takes a lot of paper work to make a refund, so there is an admin charge.


How can I make a complaint if I'm not satisfied with the classes?

You need to submit a complaint form which you can download here.
Please submited to admin at spinalchord dot com.

Who can I speak to if I'm made to feel uncomfortable in a lesson?

If the situation relates to another class participant you may want to speak to an instructor.
If the problem is due to instructors/management interaction, then there are class reps that can take your concern to the board, and there are board members who come to some of the classes.
Reps and board members change periodically but they'll be announced either on your group on social media or via email if you choose not to use Spinal Chord's social media.