ABC - Naples

ABC - Naples, Sept 22nd - 25th

Nice warm weather but not too hot at this time of the year.
We will be hosted by Reverse Academy

Accommodation 8min walk from training space, in the heart of the city near the port and the main train stations. The Booking includes the number of nights you choose and the workshops. Please let us know with time in advance if we wish to arrive before Thu 21st or leave after Tue 26th of Sept.

This trip is available to all levels and for a Max of 11 participants, very beginners welcome.

If the nights you choose don't correspond to the nights on the calendar, please let us know which night you want to be booked for.

The more economic way will be Edi to Rome and then train to Naples (aprox 1hr 10min)

If you fancy a bit of holidays we would recommend to book your flights from Tue 19th to Thu 28th, or with Tue to Tue, or Thu to Tue (cheaper flights and less busy)

Explore possibilities with the links below but remember those are commercial prices, we can ask our local people for the good deals.
More about Naples
What to do in the city
Day trips from Naples

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Naples 2 Nights £95
Naples 3 Nights £180
Naples 4 Nights £240

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