Aerial Parties

Welcome to Spinal Chord's Aerial Parties!
Minimum of 8 participants for 1hr session

A great way to share and celebrate with friends and colleagues.

What is it about being up-side-down in the air that makes us tickle, chuckle and burst into laughter?
We believe that it awakens primal instincts, which combined with the adrenaline rush makes us feel like kids having endless fun in Neverland.

These private parties are an excellent way to bring people together. Whether a group of children, co-workers, hen parties or anyone that wants to mark a special occasion – they provide a unique way to celebrate.
Great photo and video opportunities - so that you can remember the occasion and continue sharing after the event.

If you have ever been curious about the circus, this is your chance to find out about the different aerial equipment and have a fun afternoon learning basic aerial skills.
Come with friends, colleagues, teammates and enjoy a fantastic afternoon full of challenges and laughs.
The Aerial Parties can also be held at specific venues including The Buff Club or other suggested and suitable spaces.

Depending on time, age and number of participants, the activities may include:

Static Trapeze
Swinging Trapeze
Aerial Silks
Aerial Hoop
Doubles Trapeze

Flexible times! Just get in touch to enquire about different availability.

Weekdays from morning to 5pm or Saturdays from 12noon to 5pm.

Sessions take place at The Firhill Complex - 87 Hopehill Road - G20 7HH View map

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