Welcome to trapeze and aerial acrobatics skills for Children & Youth.

This will be a 10 &  5 week blocks starting on Wed May 29th and Sun June 2nd 2024

Wednesdays - 6pm
Sundays - 11.30am

Great opportunity to be physical and enjoy learning daredevil tricks in the aerial equipment with the option of being part of the Spinal Chord performances to show off the new skills.

This classes are for 6 to 15yrs old to learn skills and tricks on trapeze, rope, silks and other aerial equipment as well as some basic circus skills.

The classes are designed for young people to be daring and self-confident while developing strength and co-ordination in a highly energetic but safe activity.

How to book:

Choose an option from the list below - Click on the dates you want to CANCEL if you already know you won't be available or the dates previous to your booking date (the classes you missed before booking), you'll be able to re-schedule for the alternative day.

When booking a single class, choose Single Session then choose the date from the second sub menu.

Attendance flexibility:

You can re-schedule sessions as long as you cancel them with 3 days notice. The sessions are interchangeble between the 2 available days. For instance, you may book 10 Wed. sessions but cancel the odd one you're not available to take and replace it with Sun. session. Click on the trash icon to cancel classes, then press on Confirm These Changes, the submenues on the right will show you the available classes, W5 or S5  are classes in the first 5 weeks, while classes on weeks 6 to 10 have the 10 after the day - W10, S10.

Safety & environment:

Learn at low heights and with the use of safety mats, one on one supervision and public liability insurance. The training space has gym hardwood floor and it's well heated during the cold months for a cozy learning environment and to help preventing injuries.

Our instructors are disclosed with Disclosure Scotland and the company runs 5m PL Insurance. 

What to wear:
Wear comfy, layered clothing that is reasonably snug and bring socks, get your legs covered. Don't wear skirts or shorts, unless these are over leggings.

All your booked sessions need to be used within the block.

Sessions take place at The Firhill Complex - 87 Hopehill Road - G20 7HH View map

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