Eezee Trapezee

Please note this is a 5 week block starting on Wed 20th & Sun 31st of Oct

Wednesdays - 7pm
Sundays - 12.30pm

Please mind about the COVID-19 rules even if you have been vaccinated.
Most importanly keep working on your strength and fitness.

About the lessons

This is the adults very beginners class, as the name suggests we will help you learn trapeze but also rope and aerial silks in an easy way, no strength or flexibility required! You will gain those as you progress.
The sessions work not only at a physical level but also for coordination and even at an emotional level, as your brain adjusts to height perception and being upside down, resulting in a work out that builds on your fitness, and an adrenaline filled activity with self-confidence rewards.

How to book:
Choose an option from the list button - if you don't see a list button is cause we're fully booked.

When booking a single class, choose Single Session then choose the date from the second sub menu.

Attendance flexibility:
Keep checking times as this may change due to COVID 19th restrictions - The sessions are 1hr.

You can re-schedule sessions as long as you cancel them with 3 days notice. The sessions are interchangeble between the 3 available days. For instance, you may book 10 Wed. sessions but cancel the odd one you're not available to take and replace it with a Sun. session. Click on the trash icon to cancel classes, then press on Confirm These Changes, the submenues on the right will show you the available classes, W5 or S5 classes in the first 5 weeks, while classes on weeks 6 to 10 have the 10 after the day - W10, S10.

All your booked sessions need to be used within the block.

How many lessons do you need:
We suggest 10 to 15 sessions to complete the program into the next level but since you progress at your own pace, people may require less or more time according to their ability and the frequency of attendance.

Safety & environment:
Learn at low heights and with the use of safety mats, one on one supervision and public liability insurance. The training space has gym hardwood floor and it's well heated during the cold months for a cozy learning environment and to help preventing injuries.
Besides learning new and exciting skills while you keep fit, Spinal Chord provides a friendly environment and opportunities to socialise and keep the motivation up. 

COVID-19 Regulations - Please help us with this!

Please wait till the exact class time to enter the building - We need to let the previous class exit and mats/equipment to be disinfected.

Please follow the signs for accessing and exiting the building.

Use the hand sanitisers provided to enter and exit the hall.

Keep 2m distance!

Only 2 people at the time in the toilets - Best thing would be not to use them - Pee at home :)

Make an effort to come already changed - very limited access to change rooms

Please don't hang around in the hall or inside the building once your class is finished.

Mats for warming up will be cleaned between sessions and people can be spotted for practicing moves. 

We won’t spot people by request only if we consider they’re safe executing moves on their own.

No face masks are allowed while on the equipment since what we do is of high physical demand, but you're welcome to wear masks while on the ground.

Chalk will be provided but we recommend you bring your own. Liquid chalk is ok but please don’t use liquid resin as this destroys your hands and the equipment.

We need to make clear that neither the government nor Spinal Chord are in charge of your health & wellbeing, YOU ARE! We're providing all you need to keep distance and prevent contagiousness but by booking these sessions you're assuming full responsibility of your decisions regarding your health.

16 years old and over - Recommended Max. weight 75kg!
Please mind the above! We spot beginners by physically supporting them, it would be difficult to spot you over that weight limit. It maybe very frustrating not making it up to the equipment and we don't want people to get injured. It's ok to be over 75kg if you're tall and/or have enough muscle to pull your bodyweight up.

What to wear:
Wear comfy, layered clothing that is reasonably snug and bring socks, get your legs covered. Don't wear skirts or shorts, unless these are over leggings. 

All your booked sessions need to be used within the block.

Sessions take place at The Firhill Complex - 87 Hopehill Road - G20 7HH View map

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