Level 2

L2 concentrates on working effectively and safely. You will need to construct phrases linking different moves on the equipment.

Please Note: This block is 10 weeks and starts on June 2nd for Conditioning & Sat June 4th for aerial class. 

Please note: Aerial conditioning for L2 is now on Thur 6pm to 7.30pm

Special attention should be given to performing elements like lines and stamina, and of course the quality of execution.

L2 brings a higher degree of difficulty with potential for injury/accidents, attendants need to follow instructions on the methods to achive these complex moves. There is no time limit but the level of skill will include developing a degree of co-ordination and flexibility and also attention to detail on the technique. Most people will take from three to four blocks to move up to L3.

L2 takes place on Sat 10am.

Please remember to use your calendar to cancel classes you won't be able to attend, you need at least 3 days notice to cancel or re-schedule classes. We'll be very strict with the attendance.
Aerial class: 10 Aerial classes (2hr session)
Keep-Up pkg: 10 Aerial L1 and 10 Conditioning classes (conditioning are 90min sessions)
10 Aerial L1, 10 Conditioning, 10 Bodyshop (bodyshop are 1hr sessions)
10 Aerial classes, 10 Conditioning, 10 Bodyshop and 10 Performance (performance is 2hr sessions) - Priority booking, Pay by weekly debit option

Performance (PER) Please let us know what equipment you want work on, choose music and costume. The instructor will help you and guide you with tips on how to create your solo or duet. We recommend people to work in pairs so you can share ideas and provide feedback to each other.


COVID-19 Regulations - Please help us with this!

Please wait till the exact class time to enter the building - We need to let the previous class exit and mats/equipment to be disinfected.

Please follow the signs for accessing and exiting the building.

Use the hand sanitisers provided to enter and exit the hall.

Keep 2m distance!

Only 2 people at the time in the toilets - Best thing would be not to use them - Pee at home :)

Make an effort to come already changed - very limited access to change rooms

Please don't hang around in the hall or inside the building once your class is finished.

Mats for warming up will be cleaned between sessions and people can be spotted for practicing moves. 

We won’t spot people by request only if we consider they’re safe executing moves on their own.

No face masks are allowed while on the equipment since what we do is of high physical demand, but you're welcome to wear masks while on the ground.

Chalk will be provided but we recommend you bring your own. Liquid chalk is ok but please don’t use liquid resin as this destroys your hands and the equipment.

We need to make clear that neither the government nor Spinal Chord are in charge of your health & wellbeing, YOU ARE! We're providing all you need to keep distance and prevent contagiousness but by booking these sessions you're assuming full responsibility of your decisions regarding your health.

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